Exterior House Cleaning Sorrento

Joe and the team at Cannon High Pressure Cleaning offer the best exterior house cleaning services in the Mornington Peninsula. We will always determine which is the best approach to cleaning the outside of your house, which often involves using a soft wash in Sorrento, a technique used for washing the exterior of your home and surfaces which can be damaged easily.

Soft Wash

The soft wash process in Rye involves applying an eco-friendly chemical with a soft broom and using the broom to remove dirt, grime, mould and years of dust and cobwebs which come with houses being exposed to harsh climate conditions. Once the chemical is applied and the area is cleaned, it is washed away with a hose.

Soft washing in Rye can be used on brick cladding, fibro, Colorbond and other painted surfaces and in fact can be safely used with the right chemicals on almost every kind of surface. If the exterior of your home is painted you could potentially extend the years between having to repaint by having your house soft washed annually as quite often it is mould finding its way into the paintwork that causes the paint to lift and peel and also looks unsightly.

Removing mould and keeping it at bay will certainly help extend the life of your paintwork. Using the soft wash system is an affordable way of keeping your home looking fresh and clean. The soft wash approach is the better option when washing timber decking and handrails in Rye. Because we all lead very busy lives, we tend to neglect the exterior of our homes and this is where Joe and the team at Cannon High Pressure Cleaning can take over for you.

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning in Portsea is a method used to clean hard surfaces. A machine using high pressure water and eco-friendly chemicals is used to remove oil, grease, graffiti, mould, moss and dirt from hard surface areas such as concrete driveways, paths, steps, sandstone, paved areas, pool surrounds and fences.

Pressure cleaning is an effective way of cleaning all hard surfaces in Rye but can be too hard on the exterior of your home which is why Joe and the team at Cannon High Pressure Cleaning will always come to your premises at a time convenient to you in order to determine which type of surfaces are going to be cleaned so the right equipment that’s needed is used.

There are many different types of pressure wash machines which differ in the amount of pressure that is released. We have machines that differ in pressure because no two jobs are the same. Every surface is different and exposed to different elements so it is important that the right equipment is used to avoid damage to the surface. We know that too much pressure could cause damage, whereas not enough pressure will remove what’s on the surface and look good but really it will only last days or weeks not months.

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